Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye was born on the 23rd May, 1951. A native of Ogidi-Ijumu, in Kogi state of Nigeria, she was the quintessential woman who through self discipline and dedication to the arts has become an enigma and a living legend.

With little formal education, she has grown to become not only a major contemporary artist, but also a culture entrepreneur and philanthropist. As a specialist in batik and textile design, she expanded her craft beyond aesthetics and creatively engaged in commercial ventures of arts. Today she is a great entrepreneur in the art industry in Nigeria.

The founder and owner of chains of galleries in Oshogbo, Lagos, Ogidi- Ijumu and Abuja, Nike Davies-Okundaye also instituted the Nike Art and Culture Foundation. She opened the Nike Center for Arts and Culture in Oshogbo in 1983 where till date, thousands of young talented teenagers are offered free training in various art skills.

Nike is perhaps the most travelled of all the artists of her era having visited numerous foreign universities and institutions to demonstrate her artistic skills. Her support for arts and culture is legendary and the very elaborate headgears she wears have become her signature regalia.

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