Abiodun Olaku

(b. 1958, Lagos, Nigeria) is in his third decade of avid, dedicated and progressive art practice since graduating from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos as a painter in 1981. He has crystallized into one of the ‘exclusive’ masters of his generation.

His influence within the visual art industry and community in Nigeria is quite potent and commendable having trained, mentored and inspired a significant mass of the emerging generations of artists as well as passionately and radically pursing the promotion, social elevation and the overall cause of professional artists in the Nigerian society, leading to a couple of awards in recognition of this.

Olaku is a founding member and trustee of the GFA; a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (S.N.A). He is a founding member and trustee of Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Lagos. In acknowledgement of his consistency and sterling artistic performance, his alma mater, Yaba College of Technology proudly honoured him with ‘The Master of Spatial Realism’ Award in 2011.

Olaku, who has had 3 solo shows and over 120 joint and group exhibitions to his name, is widely exhibited, collected and commissioned, in significant places like the U.S.A., U.K., France, Holland, South Africa as well as in a number of African and Asian countries.