Abiodun Olaku
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(Abiodun Olaku’s talent can be traced to his early days at Baptist Academy, Lagos, between 1970 and 1975. He enthusiastically participated in his school’s syllabus, which encouraged arts and crafts, through a retinue of qualified, committed and motivating teachers in the arts department. This, undoubtedly, left an indelible impression on his psyche, and it was therefore without any hesitation that he embraced the opportunity to study art at the next level of his educational pursuits.

After serving in the civil service between 1982 and 1989, Olaku resigned and launched his career as an artist with fellow colleagues and friends including the late Alex Shyngle, Felix Osiemi and Bunmi Babatunde, as well as respected sculptor, Bisi Fakeye at The National Studios of Modern Art, National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Described by his lecturer, mentor and inspiration – the world-renowned Nigerian artist Professor Yusuf Grillo – as “Primus inter pares”, and influenced by the late Isiaka Osunde and the iconic master Kolade Oshinowo, Olaku has slowly but steadily transformed through a 35-year artistic sojourn, into an accomplished artist in his own right. Indeed, his works are highly collectible and he has an ever increasing following of admirers.

An indigene of Ogun State, Nigeria who was born on 29th December 1958, he works and lives in Lagos with his family. Abiodun Olaku is a respected member of the Society of Nigeria Artists (SNA); a founding member, inaugural vice-president and trustee of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA); and one of the founders and trustees of Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Lagos. He continues to train, mentor and inspire younger generations of Nigerian artists and also consults widely on professional art matters, among other activities.

Olaku is an avid sports enthusiast with a special interest in soccer and table tennis.

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Abiodun Olaku

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